The Ultimate Agriculture and Farm Camera Surveillance System

Purchase outright, or hire from as little as $14 a day*.

Agriculture and Farm Security Camera

Surveillance is extremely important for an agricultural business to protect and monitor your investments in:

  • Stock
  • Crops
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Biosecurity

Entirely powered by solar, the Spectur remote monitoring camera system allows you critical 24/7 access to live footage in any location. The challenges inherent in maintenance and security of remote and vast farming enterprises inspired Spectur’s development of their sophisticated solar camera technology. Over the past 5 years, we have worked to continuously improve the system’s capabilities – from the design of the interface to the computer hardware. Extremely reliable, the camera features advanced technology that will provide your farm and production areas with the next generation security at all times.

The desktop and mobile app ensure you’ll have remote access to essential functions including:

  • Scheduling
  • On and Off
  • Arm and Disarm
spectur farms agriculture
3G/4G Solar Powered Security Camera
spectur farms agriculture remote sites

Essential Surveillance for Farmers and Agriculture Producers

Before Spectur, monitoring remote sites has been a difficult and very costly exercise.

Keeping an eye on crops, livestock and property becomes simple and highly cost effective using Spectur’s 4g, solar-powered cameras. Save time, save money and see your profits grow!

Purchase outright, or hire from as little as $12 a day*.

A very small price to pay for peace of mind.

*price depends on number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.

What Our Customers Say

We have been using the Spectur system for a year. I’ve not had a single crime on site. On previous jobs, I’ve had very bad experiences with crimes that cause lengthy and costly delays. Our margins are very tight so delays can mean the difference between making and losing money on a project. The Spectur system has been 100% effective.

We chose Spectur as it’s a more humane and affordable solution to our current onsite security. We are currently running 21 cameras across several projects and have had no security problems. We’re extremely happy with the effectiveness of the cameras on our sites and it’s also a real pleasure to deal with the friendly staff at Spectur.

We started using the Spectur system after suffering repeated thefts and damage on our sites. Patrols weren’t working and static guards were prohibitively expensive. We have been extremely happy with the effectiveness of their system. Thieves just seem to leave us alone! I’d recommend it to any builder. It’s saved us a lot of time and money.

We have been using Spectur Security for 12 months. We had problems with high call out fees from our existing security company when nothing was happening. Spectur has solved our problems completely. I would recommend the system wholeheartedly.